Successful {Happy} Lawyering:
Increase Your Bottom Line and Well-Being, One Insight at a Time

by Lee Broekman and Judith Gordon

The road to legal success is filled with litigating cases, negotiating deals, achieving recognition, and obtaining status symbols along the way. It’s also a road paved with long hours, high stress, constant conflict, and all too often, addiction and depression. In Successful (Happy) Lawyering, authors Lee K. Broekman and Judith Gordon invite practicing and aspiring attorneys to take a close look at their definitions of success. How do we achieve success and balance in both our professional and personal lives? How do we reap the rewards of a successful law practice without developing unhealthy habits and hurting personal relationships along the way? To have it all—a profitable career and a great life—we need practices that support both. This book is filled with irresistible information, the latest brain science, and “how-to” steps for achieving joy and satisfaction in law and life, all in a bite-sized, bottom-lined format that is easy for the busy attorney to immediately put to good use.



Law students and practitioners of law are trained to detach from their emotions and be purely analytical in their practices, but this detachment can wreak havoc on their personal lives and professional relationships. Broekman and Gordon have the privilege of coaching and training attorneys at all stages of their careers. Having helped lawyers develop successful law practices, grow professionally, advance within their firms and flourish in their lives, they wrote this guide to share the advice they offer to their clients on a daily basis, in the hope that they will help you, too, thrive professionally and personally.


Want to be a successful and happy lawyer? Here’s how: align your values with your practice, and be authentic in all of your relationships. Simple, but not easy. As experts in communication and coaching, Broekman and Gordon engage readers in a thought process that encourages them to identify their core values, define success, and align both with their practices.  The book’s five succinct chapters—On Being Authentic, On Making Conscious Choices, On Being Open-Minded, On Being Proactive and On Being Innovative—lay out the building blocks for a successful (happy) practice and life, in a kind, refreshing and palatable format.

Successful (Happy) Lawyering is published by THiNKaha, publisher of business books for time-challenged professionals.



“Successful (Happy) Lawyering reveals over 100 tips to become both a happy and successful lawyer. These precious and insightful nuggets provide a road map for any lawyer to retool and redirect their mode of lawyering and interacting with clients.”

Kenneth N. Klee
Professor of Law Emeritus, UCLA School of Law Partner, Klee, Tuchin, Bogdanoff & Stern LLP

“Successful (Happy) Lawyering provides common sense advice that is both thought-provoking and highly useful for improving professional and interpersonal relationships. As an action guide, it will unquestionably be beneficial to any reader who approaches it with an honest, open mind.”

Christopher T. Bradford
Partner, Scherer & Bradford

“Judith Gordon and Lee Broekman have created a clear, easy-to-reference guide for lawyers and law students, with innovative, useful insights on each page that will help you create a joyful, fulfilling legal career.”

Judi Cohen, Attorney
Founder, WarriorOne: Mindfulness Training for Lawyers

“Successful (Happy) Lawyering provides valuable insight and tools that challenge us to adopt a fresh perspective on how we conduct ourselves in order to achieve maximum success and satisfaction in our professional and personal lives.”

Amy B. Mallow, Esq.
Career Counselor and Performance Coach, Mallow Consulting Director, Law Firm Management Group, Major, Lindsey & Africa

“A must-read for any attorney looking for quick tools to advance their professional and personal growth. Don’t be fooled by its size; every turn of the page in this little book reveals another pearl of wisdom.”

Amy Green, CEC, PCC
Dynamic Potential Executive Coaching

“I have worked with Lee for years, and Successful (Happy) Lawyering distills many of the lessons she has taught me. The book is necessary reading for any attorney who wishes to be at the top of their game.”

Raj Tanden, Shareholder,
Buchalter Nemer, PC
Fellow, American College of Tax Counsel


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leebroekman-headshotsmallLee Broekman

Lee Broekman, is principal of Organic Communication and an expert in persuasion, presentation and interpersonal communication. Lee trains decision makers in top organizations to communicate and manage naturally and effectively. Lee is a frequent speaker in legal and business gatherings. She coaches AmLaw 100 law firm leaders and senior managers of Fortune 1000 companies. Lee has taught courses at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Marshall School of Business, and guest teaches at the UCLA School of Law. A richly varied background in political communications as an L.A. City Council spokesperson, campaign media advisor, ambassadorial scholar to the Netherlands and political lobbyist, has ultimately laid the strong foundation (and countless stories) Lee has to teach professionals to work with different people under stressful situations.

judith-gordonJudith Gordon

Judith Gordon, Esq., is a lawyer, lecturer at UCLA School of Law, certified mediator and coach certified in social and emotional intelligence. She provides communication, business development and leadership training that helps firms and professionals grow their business, increase visibility, enhance their reputations and lead more productive, satisfying lives. Judith writes and speaks regularly on issues of well being and the high-achieving professional. She coaches lawyers and law firm leaders, and creates programs for professionals who are driven to thrive both professionally and personally. Judith practiced law before her segue into business communications. She was associate director of communications at an economic think tank, and headed the marketing and professional development department at Buchalter Nemer.

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